Mary and George from Stockport

House age: 1950′s
House Type: Semi Detached
Problem: Excess noise from young family next door
Our Solution: Gold Magic System installed to party well

“Dear Tom and Co.

No woman in her right mind looks forward to her house being invaded by workmen, and I admit, it isn’t something I relish. However a situation had arisen where we had no alternative.

We were on the point of putting the house on the market to get away from new neighbours. Not all together their fault, we had lived in perfect harmony with our old neighbours who were our age and temperament. Sadly both died and the house put up for sale. The new people have young children and the noise became a problem for us especially late at night. My husband has had major health problems and I was on high alert because of the stress he suffered.

We tried to be understanding but it was no good. Our quality of life was shattered. A good friend asked us to consider looking at a Company she had heard about called Noisy Neighbour Soundproofing Co. It proved a godsend. There were very quick to respond to our call for help. They started work when they said they would, they kept us in formed at all developments as they went along, and lastly three more considerate lovely young men who carried out the work, it is impossible to imagine.

I was almost sad when it was time for them to go!

Now, we don’t need to know anything about our next door neighbours. It matters not a jot. We can live our lives like we used to. Our home has always been our sanctuary and we have our sanctuary back. No more louse muck as soon as Mum goes out. No more thumping as if they were coming through the wall. Yes of course there is the odd noise but so removed from what we have endured over the last two years.

We bless the day we found you. Thank god for Noisy Neighbour Soundproofing Co.”

Mary and George

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